Media Control

Media Control 6.0

Media Control is a plugin for Microsoft Media Center
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Damien Bain-Thouverez

Media Control is a plugin for Microsoft Media Center that adds lacking features such as : fast forward/rewind for any video format, resume video, switch between audio/subtitles streams, sets brightness/contrast, improves picture quality...

The plugin is built on the top of an open source decoder : FFDShow Tryouts.

FFDShow is able to decode multiple audio (mp3,aac,vorbis,ac3,DTS,Dolby TrueHD,HD audio bitstream,...) and video formats (MPEG4 divx xvid h264, MPEG1 & 2, RealVideo...) and most of all is able to improve picture quality (this is called postprocessing).

Requirements :

- Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Media Center included (Home Premium or Ultimate)
- FFDShow-Tryout revision 3127 or greater, configured as explained below or with Media Control configuration tool provided
- Haali media splitter (not mandatory, but required to switch between MKV/OGM audio/subtitle streams).
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package SP1 (be sure to download the SP1 version and to install it before FFDShow and Media Control)

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